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Somatic Poetry

Somatic poetry combines sensory interactive performance integration with the language of poetry. This is an evolution of poetry through its own discipline towards performing arts. Somatic means of the body and could mean both an awareness of self in the body and the awareness of the body itself.  Sensory includes sight, sound, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, and these components are drawn into the audience so that they are taken into the poem mentally, emotionally, and physically. The audience feels the poem, they breathe the poem, they become the poem. It is an interaction and full integration of the human experience.

My name is Stefani Alzati, and I am the creator of somatic poetry.

Key Concept


Mindfulness is act of paying attention on purpose. When you drift away thinking and catch yourself returning, that, is an act of pure mindfulness. Opportunities exist to practice this dynamic skill. My 5-day class helps!

Key Concept


Somatic is a relationship between self and the body. It is currently being used in areas of dance and theatre. I believe this relationship can be acknowledged with interactive and awareness bringing activities.

Key Concept


I took a creative arts class with a world-leading events planner and designer a few years ago (Shout out Milena!). She challenged us to think of the senses in our art, smelling, touching, feeling, and hearing through life. We chatted about unconventional senses that we cannot agree exist. I channel the senses into my art, asking at every turn, how I can bring them in.

Key Concept


Interaction asks the audience to participate. They have to bring something of themselves - perhaps curiosity or desire for a connective experience.  I read the poetry and the audience is taken back to their memories. There is space inside these performances for gentle murmuring, breathing, and conversation.

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