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Poet Tree

amener l'extérieur à l'intérieur

At Galerie CAVA's Space Exploration
9103 95 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6C 1Z4, Canada
September 2, 2022, to October 20, 2022.


Stefani Alzati brings you an interactive somatic poetry experience at GALERIE CAVA. Be inspired by the natural creative cycle of trees in this sensory exhibit. Bring headphones to listen to the audio component as indicated on posters throughout the room or through InsightTimer.

Trees have their own cycles of creativity. They start with inspiration gathering energy to make the first buds. Then, they create their bountiful leaves. Each tree has its own time to finish its full blooms. After their growing season, trees rest and recover for their next creative season.

People are not apart from trees. In this space, we can bring the trees and their lessons inside of us to help us cope with the changes in our inner world.

In this interactive gallery, Stefani Alzati uses trees to model the way through a process with the intention of helping support personal growth, inspiration, and rest.

The exhibit starts with the process of inquiry. Using mixed media and recycled paper, the participant is invited to take recycled paper and pens to write about their process.

Each station ties into the senses. The participant is invited to listen, smell, taste, and touch throughout the process. After completing their experience, the audience member can slowly participate in mindful walking and journey through a labyrinth.

The paintings' theme is about the seasons of the year (the steady change of the exterior of our world). Paintings have themes of nature, wind, change, the bright hope of spring, the sparking light of summer, and the great winds of fall. They are for sale through the galerie.

Don't forget to share your experience on Social Media by tagging @Stefani.Alzati or using the #StefaniAlzati.

Amusez-vous bien.



Stefani Alzati reads poetry at the Poet Tree vernissage on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

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