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There is light inside of you
think of rock like a geode
quartz crystals, banded agate
her inside world is dark
until a force shocks the rock
and comes out with beautiful colours
and her light shines so brightly
have you ever felt that happen to you?
what kind of rock inspires you?
There is still light, no matter how
many scars sit on top of your heart
look no further than a tree
his hardened trunk is a hidden storyland
scars, blemishes, and constant seasons
on his top, yet firm he stands
rooted and tall. have you ever felt that
you were made to withstand?
Inside of you is a whole family of trees
resolute and strong, a family of mother Earth
a family in which you belong
If you were a tree, which tree would you be?
Imagine it for a moment for me.

No matter what you failed to do or
what happened to you, your ancestors
would be proud of you. For you are
eighty grandmothers into your family line.

You have made it this far and still, you survive!
(or perhaps you thrive and are thrilled to be alive)

When was the last time you felt happy
and joyful and free? Take a few breaths to
remember it now, here with me.
It's OK if that memory was long go
all that matters is that you know
you can access happiness anytime.

Your memories and feelings are like clouds
they come and they go
underneath are your heart and soul
the light you have can always show
smile with your eyes and you will know
these gentle truths that I know.

Gentle Truths

Future You

Being a human is more than what you can do

It is a graceful dance between present you

And someone you will never meet: future you

Have you ever received a gift from the past?

A piece of clothing you saved or some cash

Did you thank her, that she of the past?

She who sacrificed in that moment for you

When the work gets hard to do

The makeup stops getting removed

The self-care routine is out of tune

Remember her, the future version of you

Even when you can do nothing,

there is something you can do

Wash your feet before you go to bed

Comb your hair and rest your head

thank her, past you, for all that you did

and promise future you that you will begin again

brightening her skin

               embracing a new day

                              washing the past away



until the day

when future you is thanking you.

Earth Mother, Mother Earth

The mountains touch our hearts

with the pulse of their breath
she's created herself to be timeless,

nurtured by the sun
Mother Earth watches her creations blossom
with her unwavering all-seeing eye from above
A hawk, an eagle, a majestic bird of prey
nothing goes unnoticed in her world
including our attempts at

intruding on her imperfections
and in our trying to make
things pure and symmetrical, we fail
she lets her tears fall slowly bathing us in a soft rain.

We think we have all the answers to her plight
Mother Earth, is it too late to help you?
I'd like to think no. That it is early days still

where we can pick up the pieces that we have left on your soil

and stand on the top of a mountain

in awe of your creations

including myself,

an imperfect human beautiful soul
made with love by the ultimate creator, thank you

Earth Mother, Mother Earth

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