Taking poetry into
the future
with somatic and
sensory poetry.


This is Stefani

Stefani evolves traditional poetry by incorporating somatics and sensory modalities into interactive performances. This is not Ekphrasis. This is not poetry therapy. This is something new. By tapping into the body, Somatic Poetry blends an awareness of the body, breath, and senses for a fully immersive experience. Breathe the poem. Be the poem. Stefani is not a poet: she is poetry.

Somatic Poetry  Breathwork Interactive
Performance Mind-Body  Embodiment

 Emotive   Innovative Visionary Storyteller

Sensory   Mentor Collaboration Explorer


Stefani Alzati uses poetry
as a tool to connect and expand.

Poetry is an act of love. It's bigger and deeper than we currently understand.  Words have their own life cycle. Somatic poetry invites those words to become messengers and delivery a personal and intimate discussion inward and introspectively. It connects the poet and the audience to form a powerful collective experience.  She uses empathy, intuition, and mindfulness to bring the audience through an emotional experience from disconnection to connection,  from grief to joy, from isolation to community and into a space of personal and collective heart-based poetry. Step into a deeply rich and authentic space inside yourself with Stefani Alzati and somatic poetry. Feel the poem, be the poem.

Stefani is an award-winning classical guitarist, author of three books, poet and performance artist. She sits on the board of directors for Parkland Poets and Heart of the City Festival in Edmonton.

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Building connections one community at a time.

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