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Intuitive art and
sensory poetry to move you.

This is Stefani

Stefani is an award-winning classical guitarist, author, poet and visual artist from Canada. She incorporates somatic and sensory modalities to give you space to feel, to breathe, to connect, and to play. She lives in relation with nature, poetry, and music to create. 

Her most recent visual art works, Sous le même ciel (Under the same sky) are exhibited at CAVA - Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta from August 3rd 2024 to August 31 2024. The pieces are an ode to the sky as a constant shift and change in state and substance. 

Her art has been featured at CAVA - Centre d'arts visuels de l'Alberta, Bleeding Heart Art Space, Art Gallery of Alberta, and the Strathern Art Festival. 

She was the the President (former Vice President & Readings Coordinator) for Parkland Poets in 2020 - 2023.  Her poetry has been featured in Parkland Poets Anthologies, Stroll of Poets Anthologies, and online spaces (@First Line Poets, @Soul_Connections_Poets).

She served on the board of Heart City Festival and co-directed The Beat Spoken Word Arts Stage (2022). She is the author of two poetry collections (My Heart Full of Words, Nestle In) and one interactive journal reflection book on healing (Forest Talks). They can be found on Amazon books. 

Stefani studied classical guitar for more than ten years, winning awards and scholarships from The Keyano Music Festival (including best original song). She studied classical arts in Reims, France and Turin, Italy. She holds certificates in Visual Design and Digital Illustration and Comic Art from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. 

She is a skilled facilitator and teacher leading workshops and classes with the Newcomer Centre, the Northern Institute of Technology (NAIT), and online.


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